Ecological loan: simulate an ecological renovation credit

Why renovate ecologically?

Why renovate ecologically?

Because it is urgent to preserve the natural resources of our planet. The ecological renovation of your home is a citizen act that allows you to fight global warming!

Your questions about consumption


What are your expenses in energy consumption? In heating? Do you have cold winter and hot summer? Are you in an old house? Are your walls still cold? The answers to these questions will help you define your need. Thanks to the installation of suitable thermal equipment (new boiler, thermal insulation from the outside), you will durably improve the feeling of comfort of your interior. Only an expert will help you to see more clearly and propose appropriate solutions.

The energy balance

The energy balance

The energy balance of your home is the starting point of your ecological renovation project. To benefit from state aid, call on licensed professionals. Pre-Finance helps you by putting you in contact with building experts trained to perform Energy Performance Diagnostics.

To perform an Energy Performance Diagnosis, count between 150 and 300 $. Pre-Finance can offer you a preferential rate of 149 $, and this amount can be refunded in full or in part if you subscribe to the Eco Habitat Loan.

Green renovation solutions:

Thermal insulation from the outside: This system isolates your home from the outside, avoiding any loss of space on the ground. Thanks to the ITE, you improve your thermal comfort, you save energy (up to 30% energy saving) and you value your home that comes out embellished and protected.

Count between 50 and 75 $ per m 2.

State aid: you benefit from a 5.5% VAT and a 25% tax credit. This tax credit can be up to 40% if your home was built before January 1, 1977 and if the work is completed within 2 years of acquiring the unit.

Photovoltaic solar panels: these panels convert solar energy into electricity, which is then converted into alternating current via an inverter, which is used to power electrical appliances. The electricity is stored in accumulators to ensure autonomy even without sun.

Thermal solar panels: Solar thermal panels, called solar thermal collectors, trap the heat of solar radiation and transfer it to a coolant (only for heating and hot water).

How much does it cost?

  • For solar thermal panels, count about 7 000 $,
  • For photovoltaic solar panels: count 1 to 1.5m 2 of solar panel per person, at the price of about 1000 $ per m 2.

State aid: Get a 5.5% VAT for a combined solar system. For individuals, enjoy a tax credit of 50% if you comply with French and European standards.

Geothermal heat pump: the heat is pumped into the ground. The work is quite restrictive.

Aerothermal: heat is pumped into the air.

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Geothermal heating: expect between 90 and 120 $ per m 2.

Heat pump aerothermal: count between 60 and 90 $ per m 2. Your heating bills can be divided by 3!

State aid: benefit from a 5.5% VAT and a 50% tax credit.

Good to know :
Your home by consuming less is worth more! And yes, isolating your home increases its value.